A project that respects the land

The winery covers a total area of about 2000 square meters and is almost entirely undergrounded, with the purpose of merging into thelandscape and exploiting natural factors more suited to the processing of grapes and wine aging.

The architectural project by Sifola & Sposato Architetti was actually
born with the idea of creating a production plant intimately linked to
the territory, able to integrate and to communicate with the
surrounding  hill area, being as less invasive as possible.

The heart of the cellar

Most of the surface of the ground floor is intended for vinification, aging and storage of wine.

The grapes are harvested by hand, after being carefully selected, and are vinified in a large room equipped with modern stainless steel silos. The adjacent lab allows constant monitoring of musts and wines,  refined in wood, in the inner room of the ground floor.

Bottles and Barriques

The choice of inground area meets the need to mitigate as much as possible the temperature changes and to ensure the best quality of wine aging conditions.

The French oak barrels, with different origin of the wood, grain, and degree of roasting, are neatly arranged on a steel structure containing small stones which help to maintain a constant humidity.

The bottles are located in the middle floor of the cellar with the office and reception areas located on the ground floor.