Sequoia is a Fiano di Avellino DOCG Riserva obtained through a selection of Fiano grapes from one of the top growing zones in the Region. Located in Parolise, a tiny village (676 inhabitants) near Avellino, the vineyard extends up a hillside whose average altitude is 500 meters above sea level.
Thanks to its geographic location, ideal climate and clayey soil interspersed with stones, Parolise was designated as a Fiano di Avellino DOCG production zone. In this wine, the bouquet and aromatics that make Fiano di Avellino truly unique are preserved through discerning vinification and obsessive attention to detail.

Data Sheet

Appellation: Fiano di Avellino DOCG Riserva
Composition: Fiano 100%
Grape origin: Parolise (AV)
Soil: sandy clay
Altitude: 500 meters asl
Exposure: southern
Planting Year: 2003
Plant density: 3,300 plants per hectare 
Training system: espalier
Pruning: Guyot
Yield: 2000 Kg per hectare
Harvest period: October 1-10
2020 production: 4,300 bottles. 


Winemaking and aging

Sequoia 2020
After being harvested, the grapes are quickly transported to the cellar where four batches are created that will undergo different macerations: the first three in stainless steel and the fourth in wood. Maceration of the first batch lasts 12 hours, the second three days, the third skips maceration, and the fourth undergoes maceration and aging in large, lightly toasted French oak barrels where the must remains for about 12 months. Subsequently, the four batches are blended in stainless steel tanks where they continue aging for 6 months under yeast. Aging continues in bottle for a further 4 to 5 months.

Sequoia 2021
The grapes, harvested by hand and delicately placed in boxes, are immediately transported to the cellar, selected and subjected to destemming and soft pressing.
Three masses are created: 30% ferments and refines by maceration in large Austrian oak barrels.
Another part of the mass (40%) completes the fermentation and aging in Austrian oak barrels (10hl) and French oak (5hl). The remaining 30% of the grapes are destined for maceration for 12 hours in steel. After a year the masses are assembled and aged in steel for 6 months on the fine yeasts. Subsequently, the wine ages in the bottle for 6 months before being ready for distribution.

Organoleptic characteristics

Sequoia 202o
Characterized by rich green hues, the nose offers a sophisticated, complex bouquet: notes of jasmine, raw hazelnut, blanched almonds, mandarin peel and a hint of sweetness reminiscent of vanilla, along with overtones of fresh tropical fruit that arise distinctly on the palate.
Sequoia is a full-flavored wine whose well-structured body lends great depth. This youthful wine is only mildly tannic; notes of fresh apple are revealed on the back palate, followed by a hint of citrus on the finish.
The marked acidity, in addition to making the wine immediately pleasing, allows for great development over time.

Sequoia 2021
Bright straw yellow colour. On the nose there are notes of yellow pulp fruit, fresh apple and balsamic hints that give elegance and freshness accompanied by a sweet note that recalls vanilla. I
In the mouth it has a good structure, good flavor and significant acidity which gives it verticality and length. A note of yellow apple and custard returns on the back palate.


Sequoia pairs well with fish dishes, raw vegetables, shellfish and crustaceans, as well as semi-hard cheeses. For optimal tasting, serve at temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees C.




Vintage 2020

Score 97,3/100 – Guida Vino da bere – I migliori vini dell’Irpinia 2023
Best White – Beviamoci Sud 2023

Golden Medal – The Wine Hunter Awards 2022


Data Sheet

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